Tracy's Biography

In high school during aptitude tests, I tested well in accounting, however I could not imagine being an accountant at that time.  Going on to college, I decided on a degree in fashion merchandising. I wanted to be a buyer since it combined my love for fashion and math. As a result, I graduated with a major in fashion merchandizing and a minor in business administration from Oklahoma University in 1985.

Upon leaving college, I joined my husband’s family business, Expressive Industries.  Applying my college minor, I began doing the company’s bookkeeping. I quickly taught myself MYOB, a business accounting software similar to QuickBooks.  

When I started working with Expressive Industries, they were doing $18,000 in annual sales. When I left nine years later, the company was doing over $700,000. I was very good at multitasking any job that came along. During a typical day, I would call potential customers all over the Southwest, oversee customer relations, maintain an inventory of over 3000 items, and handle all accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

After leaving Expressive Industries in 1995, I was hired  as an office manager for the Candyman in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  At the same time, I decided to enhance the skills I offered by completing the CPA program at Santa Fe Community College.  This meant maintaining a full-time job while taking 30 hours of upper level accounting classes for the next 2 1/2 years.  

In 1998 I became the comptroller for Peyton Wright Gallery, a major Santa Fe art gallery. I also began freelancing for other clients.  During this time, I added QuickBooks to my skill set. 

In 2000 I was hired as a CPA’s apprentice at Zlotnick, Laws and Sandoval.  While there, I audited various state programs, such as the New Mexico Tourism Department, the New Mexico Magistrate Courts, and the New Mexico Supreme Court, among others.  I also taught accounting software (MYOB and QuickBooks) to bookkeepers, performed full-charge bookkeeping for clients of Zlotnick, Laws and Sandoval, and worked on tax returns.  

Deciding I really loved working directly with clients, I went back to work for Peyton Wright Gallery, then the Clay Angel, The Lofts and Constellation. During that time, my freelance work kept increasing. In 2007, I decided to make my freelance work my main focus. CFO 2 GO was about to be born!

Matthew Schartzman of the Candyman always believed in me. He was my major client for many years.  He was also my business mentor. I was able to uncover a major embezzlement in his business shortly before he passed away. In a small way, I felt I was able to pay him back for all his support over the years.

All of my schooling and work experience came together as my client load constantly increased. I now have over 25 small business clients for whom I provide bookkeeping and accounting services.  

Several years ago, a client coined the phrase "CFO 2 GO”… and it stuck!  

I love what I do, I love helping my clients succeed.  

I love being the CFO 2 GO!

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